• AGUNSA receives the first car carrier that calls at the Biobío region

    Agency services to vessel PCC Viking Sea of Hyundai Glovis opens a real alternative for these types of vessels

    On March 18th, at San Vicente Terminal Internacional (SVTI), 2,153 new vehicles were unloaded from vessel PCC Viking Sea, belonging to car carrier shipping company Hyundai GLOVIS that is represented by AGUNSA. As explained by the company, the unprecedented call took place due to the high waiting rate at the port of San Antonio, so an alternative port had to be arranged for the operation.

    This was informed by Mr. Claudio Silva, Agunsa’s Commercial Brand Manager, who said that after two months of work in the search for alternatives for their principal Hyundai Glovis, that is having to wait in roads for many days at San Antonio, they found this unloading option in the Concepción area.

    The executive highlighted that the operation was possible thanks to the good communication between AGUNSA and Hyundai GLOVIS. He stated that this has allowed the company to participate in all the work tables carried out by the parties involved (ANAC, DPW, EPSA, Importers, Transport companies, Customs agencies, etc.) regarding extraordinary congestion issues that affect the port of San Antonio.


    Mr. Claudio Silva explained that the search for effective solutions for this crisis that has caused significant economic losses for PCC (Pure Car Carriers) vessels took them to search all available options, starting by the alternative ports in the central area, northern area and, finally, the Biobío region, in the southern area, in which the closeness of the terminal to Santiago and its characteristics, allowed them to achieve this historical call in the Concepción area.


    Also, Mr. Rubén Ramírez Tizzani, Manager of the Concepción branch, said that it is an obligation for AGUNSA to look for alternatives for their principals. In this case, having known the high waiting rate at San Antonio as well as the benefits of the port system in the Biobío region, they started to arrange the possibility of receiving these PCC vessels with the terminals in the area. Today, they are happy to be able to operate in the region with SVTI, giving a real solution to their principal Hyundai GLOVIS.

    He also explained that this unloading opens and confirms that the port offer in the Biobío region has the infrastructure and qualified personnel to attend this industry, which turns it into an actual alternative to develop this product with all the services required by PCC shipping companies, clients, distributors and carriers.


    In addition, Mr. Rubén Ramirez stated that AGUNSA is prepared with all their team to support and satisfy the needs of the industry to obtain the best results with high standards of satisfaction to their clients and representatives.

    Finally, it must be highlighted that all the vehicles were unloaded without any damage, which is a very relevant fact for the industry.

    Likewise, it was verified that area is capable of evacuating a considerable volume of units without stopping the unloading operation due to lack of space in the terminal.

    By MundoMarítimo

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