Executive Summary

  • Executive Summary

    AGUNSA is one of the global leaders in goods and product shipping. Since our beginnings in 1960, we are now able to provide land, sea and airfreight as part of our services

    With a presence in more than 20 countries AGUNSA is a leading multinational company in agency services and logistics.

    With decades of experience, and supported by a flexibility as well as professionalism, AGUNSA meets the needs of its customers by adapting to their present and future shipping requirements. We have successfully create an integrated logistics platform that allows our customers to develop their businesses by allowing simple and direct access via air, sea and land shipping, and working efficiently throughout many different countries, locations and scenarios.


    AGUNSA is committed to maintaining our customer, supplier and client trust and loyalty.

    Our team is made up of a group with vision, committed to the development and prosperity of the company.


    AGUNSA’s mission is to enhance and expand the network of service it provides to cargo clients, passengers, transportation logistics and terminals with an effective and sustainable offer that adds value to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders

    AGUNSA is committed, innovative and at the forefront of working together with its customers and suppliers.

    We focus on technology and coverage

    The challenges are implicit in the objectives of the company: our coverage in America, Europe and Asia and our new technology platforms. Both technological innovation and growth of coverage, and even changes in the structural and operational, suggest that AGUNSA is an increasingly competitive company, with improved productivity and an apparent global character.

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