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  • Ensuring an efficient operations while maximizing resources.

    With a modern fleet, one of the youngest in South America, we deliver a reliable and professional services that complies with maritime regulations.

    AGUNSA, through its related company CPT, provides tugboat services that meet the high standards required by its customers. From port tasks to high seas towage, attending maritime salvage tasks.



    The AGUNSA group has a fleet  in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Panama; all equipped with modern technology and a highly experienced staff, to meet the highest demands of shipping and port industry.

    Tugboat services

    • Mooring and unmooring to berth.
    • Mooring and unmooring to maritime terminals and bouys.
    • Maintenance of maritime terminals (inspection, survey, repair, replacement).
    • Coastal and hight seas towage.
    • Towing operations in the Southerm Fjord of Chile, and international towage, usually covering routes between Chile and Mexico.
    • Assistance to vessel in distress.
    • Salvage  operations, shipwreck removal, hydrocarbon spill control, and remediation of environmental liabilities.


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