Port Agency

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  • Commitment to improving port operations

    AGUNSA’s experience and knowledge in optimizing port operations allows us to offer the shipping industry an agile, efficient and specialized service.

    AGUNSA provides vessel operators port services, representing them in administrative management, economic and legal matters through a system based on the efficient delivery of information.  Through a skilled and precise management process, AGUNSA delivers rapid response to any changes that may arise.

    AGUNSA coordinates the payments of all services related to a port call, i.e. Dockage, tugboats, pilot boats, bunkering, documentation, etc.


    Comprehensive Coverage

    AGUNSA delivers an efficient, opportune and quality service, covering the entire ship call, both during their arrival and their stay in port.

    Port Agency Services

    • Operational Representation.
    • Container Ships
    • Bulk / Liquid Ships
    • Science/Research Ships
    • Cruise Ships
    • Fishing Ships
    • Naval Ships
    • Special Ships i.e. Heavy Lift, Dry Docking, Tugboats, etc.

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