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    AGUNSA’s air terminal management and operations deliver excellence and quality to national and international passengers alike.

    AGUNSA works with Airport Concessions from the following companies:

    Aeroportuario consortium of Calama S.A. Concessionaire, which manages the airport El Loa city of Calama, Chile, with an estimated annual traffic of 1.4 million passengers.

    Our experience in the field of public-private partnerships, in addition to financial support, have enabled us to efficiently manage these terminals and deliver a world class service according to the needs of users in full compliance with its obligations under the concession contracts.

    Among the airports that are licensed and operated by our company include International Airport Santiago, Montego Bay, Jamaica and the airports of San Andres and Providencia in Colombia.

    Air Terminal Services

    • Commercial, Operational and Financial Management for Airport Concessions
    • Consulting Aeroportuarias and operational, commercial and financial implementation
    • Airport certifications
    • Contractual Risk Management

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