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    AGUNSA operates the main Cruise Passenger Terminal in Chile, situated in the Port of Valparaiso.

    In 2002, AGUNSA through its subsidiary VTP, won the 30 year concession bid to build, operate and manage a passenger terminal in the Port of Valparaiso, Chile.  This terminal began its operation in 2003, offering the best facilities and process for embarking and disembarking cruise passengers.  At the end of 2015, the construction of a new terminal commenced.


    Valparaiso Cruise Terminal (VTP)

    Situated 2 kilometers from the port berths, and receiving more than 86.000 passengers each year.  VTP is one of the most modern cruise ship terminals in Latin America.

    Cruise Terminal Services

    • Immigration services and customs control.
    • Baggage handling equipment.
    • Communications Center.
    • Parking for vehicles and tourist buses.
    • On-site restaurant options for passengers and crew.
    • Transfer of passengers to and from the ship via shuttle bus.
    • Event Center during low season.

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