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    AGUNSA provides services befitting the international standard for importers and exporters, absorbing the growing commercial demand for the ports we manage.

    AGUNSA has actively participated in the design, qualification and operation for these ports. Our challenge is to promote and manage all types of cargo movement and provide our customers with efficient port service. Under our management, we have optimized port operations and achieved the lowest possible cost in operations, thereby generating overall benefits in international trade.

    One of our key values is the commitment and cooperation with all personnel, internal and external.

    Port Services

    The development of port terminals has generated demand for a wide range of services, among which are:

    • Administration
    • Operation
    • Maintenance
    • Commercial management

    Administration and / or Operation of the following Cargo Port Terminals:


    • Puerto Patache, Chile
    • Florida International Terminal, Florida USA.
    • CAP-Pacific Steel Company, Chile
    • Barquito, Chile
    • Port of Antofagasta, Chile
    • Puerto Caldera, Chile
    • Montevideo, Uruguay



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