AGUNSA in Colombia

  • General Shipping Agency

    Offering effective solutions with a full knowledge of the domestic industry and foreign trade of each country.

    Port Agency

    Representation, guidance and advice to owners and captains, to optimize operations of the ships in port.

    Logistics and Distribution

    Global vision and local expertise in supply chain management.

    Ground Transportation

    Specialized transport solutions connecting businesses and customers.


    The highest standards of technology and security in our 80,000m2 storage facility.

    Port Logistics

    Flexibility, speed and security in port operation logistics.

    Container Depot

    Providing warehousing services, container management, repairs, maintenance and inspections.

    Shipping Agent

    Representation, supply and care of all aircraft.


    Supplying efficient and best practices to supply ships with fuels and lubricants.

    AGUNSA Bogotá

    Calle 73 # 7 – 31 Piso 7 Torre B, Bogotá •
    Fono: (57) 1 314 6223
    Contacto: Julie Bautista Blanco

    AGUNSA - Centro de Distribución

    Km. 1.5 Via Siberia – Cota, Complejo Industrial Potreros Chico
    Fono:(57-1) 876 4745
    Contacto: Freddy Jiménez

    AGUNSA Buenaventura

    Carrera 2A # 3 – 19 Oficina 207 Edificio Centro Empresarial del Pacífico Buenaventura-Valle del Cauca- Colombia

    Contacto: Alirio Barrios Jiménez
    Tel: 572 + 243 4182/14803 ext 210


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