AGUNSA in Panamá

  • General Shipping Agency

    Offering effective solutions with a full knowledge of the domestic industry and foreign trade of each country.

    Port Agency

    Representation, guidance and advice to owners and captains, to optimize operations of the ships in port.

    Ground transportation

    Specialized transport solutions connecting businesses and customers.

    Logistics and distribution

    Global vision and local expertise in supply chain management.


    Constant fleet renewal, technologically advanced and experienced services for the port, sea and rescue operations should they arise.


    Passengers, crew, pilots, and authorities transfers or for any user between two points.

    Shipping Agent

    Representation, supply and care of all aircraft.

    Air Representations

    Our wealth of experience allows us to operate precisely and efficiently to meet the requirements of ships, crew and passengers.

    AGUNSA Panamá

    Entre Avenida Balboa y Aquilino de la Guardia,
    Torre BICSA Financial Center , piso 32, oficina 04,
    Ciudad de Panamá, República de Panamá
    Tel: (507) 2696428
    Luis Meléndez,
    Alan Straume,

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