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    Founded over fifty years ago as a shipping agency that provides efficient and reliable port services. Over the years we have positioned ourselves as the leader in maritime business and agency activities in Chile. Since 1990, we have utilized an internationalization process which makes us one of the most important logistics companies in Latin America, as well as a significant presence in the European and Asian market.

    Today AGUNSA has an extensive network of offices and ports in over 20 countries.

      1960 Creation of Agencias Universales

      In 1960 the Chilean Navigation Interoceanic Company S.A. Agencies created Universal S.A.
      In order to have a shipping agency deliver efficient and reliable port services, the Chilean Navigation Interoceanic Company S.A. Agencies founded Universal S.A. During this decade the company created its first teams and extended its services to other shipping companies. offices in San Antonio, Arica and Santiago were opened, and its first functional structure and fruit shipping services were implemented.

      1962 Agency Services

      Agunsa begins operating the first port agency activities for Chilean and foreign ships.

      1970 Learning and experience

      Agencies Universal S.A. consolidates its activities as general and port agency, , brokerage and freight shipments and other maritime business activities, and positioning itself as one of the leading shipping companies and agency.

      1980 Reorganization and Growth

      After 20 years of gaining first-hand experience as shipping agents, Agunsa undertakes a new challenge which leads to the reorganization of Universal Agencies S. A. This reorganization generates growth momentum for the company and expands internationally.

      1989 Cabo Froward

      After nearly 30 years as a leading shipping agent, a division takes place between the Chilean company Interoceanic Navigation S.A. and Cape Froward and Investment SA, which controls 95% of Universal Agencies S.A.

      1990 Global Expansion and positioning

      An international expansion positions AGUNSA as one of the most important companies of in the logistics industry throughout Latin America.
      AGUNSA starts to establish strategic alliances that allows the company to open offices in countries like Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay and Venezuela, among others.

      1992 Presence in Latin America

      AGUNSA acquires acquires 60% of the rights to Global Maritime Agency S.A. in Guayaquil, Ecuador and 100% of Marpacífico S.A. in Mendoza, Argentina.
      Universal Maritime Inversiones S.A. establishes itself in Panama.

      1994 Merger

      A Merger process begins between the Chilean Navigation Interoceanic Company S.A. and Investment Froward Cabo S.A. The former company, Agencies Universal S.A., along with its assets and liabilities combined with Investment Agencies Cabo Froward S.A create Universal S.A. - AGUNSA.

      1995 Imupesa Callao Terminal

      AGUNSA acquires 40% of Maritime Agency Dodero Argentina S.A., forming Multitransport International S.A., and one of its subsidiaries, IMUPESA, is inaugurated in Callao, Peru, a modern extraportuario terminal.

      1996 Creation of Dodero Paraguay

      Maritime Agency Dodero Paraguay S.A. is createdwith AGUNSA owning a 40% stake. Through another subsidiary, Maritrans, AGUNSA extends its port agency services and storage facilities in Colombia.

      1997 Tugboat Service

      AGUNSA expands its services to the field of tugs, after acquiring 50% of CPT Maritime Agency S.A.
      SCL Terminal Aéreo Santiago SA, in which AGUNSA participates as a majority shareholder with 47.02%, AGUNSA wins tender for a 15-year concession at the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport.
      AGUNSA opens two new offices in Colombia: Cartagena and Buenaventura.

      1999 AGUNSA Venezuela

      AGUNSA Venezuela opens offices in Caracas and Valencia.

      2000 Supply Growth

      AGUNSA expands its logistics activities incorporating challenging new air and land business units.
      AGUNA continues to grow, is has now established itself as a global leader, and incorporates new technological resources and structurally adapts to the new challenges it has for its international business.

      2001 Logistics and Distribution

      AGUNSA purchases 14 hectares of land in the Lampa area of the Santiago Metropolitan Area to expand its logistics and distribution activities.

      2002 VTP

      Valparaiso Passenger Terminal is S.A. (VTP) is founded to operate passenger cruise facilities in the port of Valparaiso.

      2003 Montego Bay Airport

      As part of the consortium MBJ Airports Limited, AGUNSA wins the concession to build and operate the Montego Bay International Airport for a period of 30 years, Jamaica’s busiest air terminal Jamaica and third busiest in the Caribbean.
      Earlier this year AGUNSA creates Shipping Agency S.A.C.V. and begins to represent United Airlines and Air Canada within Mexico.

      2005 Port Everglades Concession

      AGUNSA, together with SAAM, form Florida International Terminal (FIT) to operate concessions for 10 years in Port Everglades in the United States.
      In conjunction with Norton Lilly International, AGUNSA Logistics & Distribution is created in order to provide cargo services in the port of Los Angeles, United States.
      That same year AGUNSA begins operations as Tayukay C.A., made up AGUNSA Venezuela S.A., FAPCO S.A. and other partners, to provide stevedoring services in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.

      2006 AGUNSA in Europe

      AGUNSA Europe S.A. is created in 2005 to provide general port services, logistics agency services, transport, stevedoring, and also acquire Spanish company Reconsa Logistics S.L. with 99.90% participation, SICSA Rail Transport S.A. with 49.50% participation, Marine Terminals S.A. with 42.50% participation and 50.00% of Transatlantic Maritime Agency Limited in Portugal.

      2007 AGUNSA Argentina and AGUNSA Italia

      AGUNSA Argentina and AGUNSA Italy are inaugurated as AGUNSA subsidiaries.
      The company ventures into Asia with the acquisition of the Chilean Interoceanic Navigation Company S.A. (CCNI)

      2008 AGUNSA Central América

      AGUNSA develops its presence in Central America through subsidiaries AGUNSA Costa Rica S.A., S.A. AGUNSA Guatemala, Honduras AGUNSA S.A. and AGUNSA El Salvador S.A.
      That same year AGUNSA enters the nautical tourism industry with the purchase of a passenger ship: AGUNSA Tonina, which provides maritime transport services in Puerto Natales in the south of Chile.

      2009 Expansion to Brazil

      AGUNSA AGUNSA Uruguay and Brazil, subsidiaries of parent company, AGUNSA Argentina, are incorporated. That same year AGUNSA Panama is created in association with a local partner.
      AGUNSA signs contracts to represent Emirates Airlines for passenger and air and also wins the concessions for 15 years at President Carlos Ibañez del Campo Airport in Punta Arenas.

      2010 Leadership and new challenges

      AGUNSA creates Representaciones SA de C.V., a subsidiary of L & D AGUNSA S.A. de C.V. in Mexico, and CCNI Peru S.A..
      AGUNSA purchases and imports a catamaran called The Orca, in hops to strengthen Passenger tourism business and also wins the concession Calama El Loa Airport in the north of Chile.

      2011 Expansion in Italy

      New Borgo Terminal Containers SRL is incorporated in Italy to manage logistics operations within its new container depot.
      AGUNSA Brazil,through Atlantis Rio Terminais Ltda, creates a new container depot and storage facility.

      2012 La Serena Airport Concession

      AGUNSA wins concessions for Chile’s La Serena Airport for a period of 10 years.

      2013 SCL Passengers Service

      By obtaining the NVOCC license, AGUNSA takes control of logistics operations in China as well as ground services, such as transportation, warehousing, deconsolidation of copper and coordination of shipments with different shipping companies.
      That year AGUNSA begins to handle passenger services at the airport in Santiago, Chile and starts operations in Nicaragua.

      2014 86 offices in 21 countries

      With over 86 offices and ports in 21 countries in America, Europe and Asia, AGUNSA has established itself as a leader in land, sea and air transport industries, and invests significant financial and technological resources to provide the best service to its allies and customers.

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