AGUNSA in Ecuador

  • General Shipping Agency

    Offering effective solutions with a full knowledge of the domestic industry and foreign trade of each country.

    Port Agency

    Representation, guidance and advice to owners and captains, to optimize operations of the ships in port.

    Logistics and Distribution

    Global vision and local expertise in supply chain management.

    Ground Transportation

    Specialized transport solutions connecting businesses and customers.


    The highest standards of technology and security in our 80,000m2 storage facility.

    Port Logistics

    Flexibility, speed and security in port operation logistics.


    Constant fleet renewal, technologically advanced and experienced services for the port, sea and rescue operations should they arise.

    Container Depot

    Providing warehousing services, container management, repairs, maintenance and inspections.

    Sale and Rent Containers

    Lease and sale of marine containers, in all sizes and classes for different applications.

    Administration and Terminal Operations

    Planning, design and implementation for effective management of our terminals.

    Shipping Agent

    Representation, supply and care of all aircraft.

    Marglobal Guayaquil

    Tulcán 809 y Hurtado
    Edificio San Luis Piso 2
    Contacto: Hugo Rosero
    Fono: (593-4) 245 3009 / 245 5711
    Fax: (593-4) 245 1247

    Marglobal Quito

    Av. Amazonas 3461 y Atahualpa
    Edificio Centro Financiero Amazonas
    Piso 6,
    Teléfonos: (593-2) 226 6893 / 226 6894
    Fax: (593-2) 226 6895

    Portrans Quito

    Vía Panamericana Norte km 17,5
    Teléfonos: (593-4) 2595142
    Contacto:Jorge Simbala

    Portrans - Guayaquil

    Av. 25 de Julio – Km. 3,5 Vía Puerto Marítimo

    Aretina - Guayaquil

    Pascuales Calle Pública Solar 4 MZ 68
    Fono: (593 4) 2450742
    Contacto: Samuel Franco

    Modaltrade - Guayaquil

    Aventura Plaza, local 46, 2° piso, of 3
    Fono: (593-4) 2599950 anexo 613

    Guataquil Portrans - Oficina Comercial

    Km 20,5 Vía Daule, frente a Campo Club Chino
    Fono: (593) 4 2595142
    Contacto: César Cabezas

    Aretina - Puerto Bolivar

    Autoridad Portuaria
    Fono:(593-9) 9907 3677
    Contacto: Samuel Franco

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