AGUNSA in México

  • General Shipping Agency

    Offering effective solutions with a full knowledge of the domestic industry and foreign trade of each country.

    Port Agency

    Representation, guidance and advice to owners and captains, to optimize operations of the ships in port.

    Ground transportation

    Specialized transport solutions connecting businesses and customers.

    Shipping agent

    Representation, supply and care of all aircraft.

    AGUNSA Ciudad Mexico

    Av. Palmas Num. 751, Piso 8, Despacho 801, Col. Lomas De Chapultepec México D.F. 11000
    Tel: (52-55) 5282 5478
    Contacto: Danae Díaz

    AGUNSA Monterrey

    Calle José Benitez 2186 – 3 Colonia Obispado.
    Fono:(52-81) 8123 0520
    Contacto: Víctor Bañuelos

    AGUNSA Lázaro Cárdenas

    Av. Melchor Ocampo No. 448 Interior 2. Colonia Las Torres,
    Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, C.P. 60950
    Fono: (52) 753 5372960
    Contacto: Andres Pérez

    AGUNSA Manzanillo Colima

    Plaza Nájera-Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid No. 3000 Interior 2,
    Col. Tepeixtles, Manzanillo Colima, C.P. 28239 México.
    Fono: (52) 314 3320 126
    Contacto: Martín Cárdenas Ruíz

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