AGUNSA in Brasil

  • Port Agency

    Representation, guidance and advice to owners and captains, to optimize operations of the ships in port.

    Container Depot

    Providing warehousing services, container management, repairs, maintenance and inspections.

    Shipping Agent

    Representation, supply and care of all aircraft.

    General Shipping Agency

    Offering effective solutions with a full knowledge of the domestic industry and foreign trade of each country.

    AGUNSA São Paulo

    Rua Quintana 753, Conj 102,  Barrio Cidade Monçoes, SP, Andar 10.
    Tel: +55 11 51026666
    Contact: Juan Marcelo Oyarzún

    AGUNSA Santos, Head Office

    Rua São Francisco N 75, conjunto 78  Centro Santos – São Paulo
    Tel: +55 13 32136666
    Contact: Itala Bezerra

    AGUNSA Paranaguá

    Rua Princesa Dona Izabel N. 300 Sala 203, CEP: 83203-201
    Tel: +55 41 37223152
    Contact: Maderson Silva

    AGUNSA Porto Alegre/Río Grande/Tramandaí

    Rua São Nicolau, 877 Sala 402, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul CEP 91030-230
    Tel: +55 13 32136666
    Contact: Maderson Silva

    AGUNSA Salvador

    Av. Estados Unidos 256 conj 914- 915 Comercio – Salvador
    Tel: +55 71 96874884
    Contact: Maderson Silva

    AGUNSA Recife/Suape

    Av. Conselheiro Rosa e Silva, 1460, Sala 802, Jaqueira, Recife/Pe,  CEP 52050-020
    Tel: +55 81 995148417
    Contact: Luciana Padilha

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