AGUNSA in Chile

  • General Shipping Agency

    Offering effective solutions with a full knowledge of the domestic industry and foreign trade of each country.

    Port Agency

    Representation, guidance and advice to owners and captains, to optimize operations of the ships in port.

    Airports Operations

    Excellence in operational and commercial management of air terminals, ensuring high satisfaction and safety standards.

    Logistics and distribution

    Global vision and local expertise in supply chain management.

    Ground transportation

    Specialized transport solutions connecting businesses and customers.


    The highest standards of technology and security in our 80,000m2 storage facility.

    Port logistics

    Flexibility, speed and security in port operation logistics.

    Practical boats

    Passengers, crew, pilots, and authorities transfers or for any user between two points.


    Constante renovación de flota, tecnología de punta y experiencia al servicio del mercado portuario, alta mar y rescate.

    Container Depot

    Providing warehousing services, container management, repairs, maintenance and inspections.

    Sale and Rent Containers

    Lease and sale of marine containers, in all sizes and classes for different applications.

    Administration and Terminal Operations

    Planning, design and implementation for effective management of our terminals.


    Supplying efficient and best practices to supply ships with fuels and lubricants.

    Shipping Agent

    Representation, supply and care of all aircraft.

    Air Representations

    Our wealth of experience allows us to operate precisely and efficiently to meet the requirements of ships, crew and passengers.

    AGUNSA Head Office

    Av. Andrés Bello 2687,
    Piso 15 Edificio del Pacífico
    Casilla 2511
    Phone: (56-2) 24602700

    Representaciones aéreas

    Av. Andrés Bello 2687 piso 18
    Las Condes, Santiago.
    Horario de atención presencial: Lunes a jueves de 09:00 a 17:30 hrs y viernes de 09:00 a 16:30 hrs
    Phone: +56 2 2460 2206

    Representaciones aéreas

    Av. Andrés Bello 2687 piso 18
    Las Condes, Santiago.
    Horario de atención vía mail o teléfono: Lunes a jueves 09:00 a 17:30hrs. Viernes 09:00 a 16:30hrs.
    Phone: +56 2 2393 7300
    Phone: +56 2 2460 2795

    AGUNSA Arica

    Arturo Prat 391, 15th Floor, Office 154
    Contact: Nicolás Valdés
    Edificio Empresarial
    Phone (56-58) 2584495

    AGUNSA - Iquique

    Esmeralda 340, Piso 11, Oficina 1110
    Contact: Nicolás Valdés
    Phone: (56-57) 2541600

    AGUNSA Antofagasta

    Edificio Costanera Centro
    Balmaceda 2472, piso 17, of 173
    Contact: Pablo Candia
    Phone: (56-55) 2566403, Anexo: 6400

    Antofagasta - Depósito Contenedores

    Av. Grecia s/n Recinto Portuario EPA Sitio 1
    Contact: Alejandra Zamora
    Phone: (56-32) 255 6200

    Aeropuerto Calama

    Aeropuerto El Loa Calama
    Contact: Ernesto Marabolí, Gerente de Operaciones
    Phone: (56-55) 2344897

    AGUNSA Coquimbo

    Av. Costanera 841, Oficina 1-A
    Phone: (56-32) 2556213

    AGUNSA Chañaral

    Panamericana Norte 64, KM 970
    Phone: (56-52) 2480346

    AGUNSA Puerto Williams

    Yelcho 266 P.O. Box 60-D
    Contact: Juan Carlos Bacho
    Phone: (56-61) 2617300

    AGUNSA Mejillones

    Avda. Balmaceda 2472 Piso 17 Edificio Costanera
    Contact: Pablo Candia
    Phone: (56-55) 2566411

    AGUNSA Centro Distribución

    Camino La Montaña 1550 Lampa
    Contact: Carlos Sanchez
    Phone: (56-2) 24602300

    Lampa - Deposito de Contenedores

    Av. del Ferrocarril
    Contact: Alejandra Zamora
    Phone: (56-32) 255 6200

    AGUNSA Puerto Montt

    Juan Soler Manfredini 11 oficina 601, Torre Plaza
    Contact: Reinhold Straube
    Phone: (56-65) 238 3115

    Punta Arenas, Chile

    Av. Independencia 772, Casilla 60-D
    Contact: Juan Carlos Bacho
    Phone: (56-61) 2617300

    AGUNSA Quintero

    Pasaje Ida Schubert 944, Casilla 62
    Contact: Alfredo Ivani
    Phone: (56-32) 2556371

    AGUNSA San Antonio

    Av. Angamos 1546, Barrancas, Casilla 903
    Contact: Rubén Ramírez
    Phone: (56-35) 2356000

    San Antonio - Depósito Contenedores

    Ruta G 86 número 4085, barrio industrial San Antonio.
    Contact: Alejandra Zamora
    Phone: (56-32) 255 6200

    Bodega San Antonio

    Avenida Angamos 1546, San Antonio
    Contact: Alejandra Zamora
    Phone: (56-32) 255 6230

    AGUNSA Talcahuano

    Av. Latorre 839, San Vicente, Casilla 567
    Contact: Jonathan Escalona
    Phone: (56-41) 2125000

    AGUNSA Valparaiso

    Plaza de la Justicia 59, Valparaiso
    Phone: (56-32) 2556200

    Valparaiso - Depósito Contenedores

    Av. Novena 0350, Placilla
    Contact: Alejandra Zamora
    Phone: (56-32) 255 6200

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