Our Philosophy

  • The experience gained since 1960  in the fields of logistics, distribution and agency services, the services offered by AGUNSA clearly differentiate and define its identity. Following principles based on leadership, integrity and teamwork, the company ensures excellence in every aspect of their work.

    AGUNSA combine our word and our actions, fulfilling and promoting the commitments and bringing products to consumers. Our philosophy helps to develop the potential of each and every one of our customers by identifying service opportunities beyond air, sea and continental borders.

    Our Mission

    Strengthen and expand our network to provide services for cargo shipping, passenger transportation and port terminals with an effective and sustainable service that adds value to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

    Services by Country

    “We think globally, but operate with processes and local needs in countries to deliver our services.”

    AGUNSA responds to the challenges that accompany new trends, the demands of globalization and evolving requirements to simplify logistics processes within the supply chain. Based on the speed, effectiveness, and safety of each method and our commitment of excellence for all of our services.

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    Tailored services

    Intelligent solutions and flexible processes adapted to customer requirements.

    Our way of doing things

    Innovation and technology have enabled AGUNSA to expand our services and improve our market share. The experience and creativity of its multidisciplinary teams have formed valuable tools through information and technology management, and in so doing has positioned the company as one of the market leaders.


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