General Agency

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  • Integrated solutions for global trade

    Efficiency, reliability and technological innovations are what characterize AGUNSA in the global market. Our general agency services allow you to meet and optimally safeguard the needs of its customers.

    Over the years AGUNSA has delivered effective solutions to our customer, as well as protecting and managing their business operations.  Our accumulated experience allows us to offer our customers a thorough understanding of market movements, and has an extensive network of contacts and partners within foreign trade industries.


     Global and Regional Operations

    AGUNSA, has a presence in more than twenty countries, with operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We provide global and transregional solutions in all of our agency services.

    Commercial Agency Services

    • Commercial representation, with national scope
    • Freight sales and space reservations
    • Dedicated personnel for customer service using integrated technology to assist customers
    • Studies and analysis of market behaviors
    • Container Inventory Management
    • Issuance of Shipping Documents
    • Financial Services associated with freight, demurrage and container damage
    • Administration of  Claims Processing.

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